Our Story

Pixel i Solutions is about enabling your business to succeed, not only about development, customisation, and integration. Our group of gifted engineers solves problems in print media, multimedia, e-commerce, and corporate applications while working in an advanced setting.

We combine our deep understanding of business with our expertise in a wide range of technologies to create solutions that are specifically customised to your needs. You can get even more value when you combine AI with our respected Centres of Excellence.

Our Mission

Pixel i Solutions aims to unlock potential human, infrastructure, and technology resources while delivering the most affordable and value-added solutions in the software, digital, multimedia, and print media domains.

We provide our clients with a formulation and gathering of requirements for the delivery and execution of solutions, and we provide our clients with a full spectrum of superior life-cycle development services.

Our Vision

Pixel i Solutions wants to be at the top of the IT industry by providing unmatched advice and solutions. Delivering modern development, customization, and integration services in enterprise applications, e-commerce, multimedia, and print media is our mission. 

We are dedicated to perfection. Our forward-thinking group of engineering professionals excels in a dynamic environment while providing a wide range of technological demands. Our goal is to be the best worldwide web design and development firm by using leading-edge solutions to innovate, exceed customer expectations, and promote client success.