E - Commerce

Our customised solutions will transform the aesthetics of your online business. Beautiful images are important, but focusing on user needs is where the real conversion magic happens. Order completion and the formation of devoted customers will improve fourfold when you create easy navigation and a smooth experience. Together, we can design a store that is delightful to navigate and has a stunning appearance.

OS Commerce

An extensive and widely used open-source shopping cart system is called OS Commerce. It is a catalogue and shopping cart application built with PHP and MySQL. If your online store is search engine optimised, our OS Commerce solutions can help you achieve a 100% return on investment.

Pixel i Solutions specialises in and has a wealth of expertise in creating OS Commerce solutions for many business types. We have successfully delivered numerous OS Commerce applications for the online community.

Zen – Cart

You may rely on Pixel i Solutions to offer you a complete Zen-Cart solution if you’re searching for a flexible and affordable solution for your e-commerce shopping cart needs.

Zen Cart is a PHP and MySQL-based open-source shopping cart that is available for free. It offers every technical feature found in an e-commerce programme. Because Zen Cart utilises the XHTML template system, anyone without programming experience can quickly modify the design.

Each business or industry has different requirements, therefore even if Zen Cart has all the advanced capabilities and some free templates to set up your online shopping cart, you still need an expert Zen Cart template designer and programmer who can adjust the functions of Zen Cart in addition to giving your shop a new look.

X – Cart

Searching for an elite e-commerce platform to manage your shopping cart? We suggest X-Cart software, which offers all the necessary resources to develop profitable yet successful e-commerce solutions.